Monday, April 27, 2009

Vintage Dressforms For-sale

This is a super nice off white colored pin cushion dress form
Special price ****$125******
This is the base to the next dressform, it is an adjustable brown in color, it is a little out of wack, but I think it just needs to be unscrewed and tightened correctly.
Special price of ****$150*****

This is a very cool vintage gold color dressform that comes with a heavy duty metal stand
Special price*****$175****sold

This is a very nice adjustable grey cloth lady
Special price ****$145***SOLD

This is a great vintage wire adjustable dressform
Special price ***$125***SOLD

This vintage beauty has probably lived in a barn for the last 50 years or so! It has the great wire cage around the bottom, it is completely primitive, super cool , old old old!
Special price ***$195**** SOLD

Beautiful pink push pin lady in EXCELLENT condition on stand.
Special price of ***$195***SOLD

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